About Us

Hospital Housekeeping Systems (HHS) was founded in Texas in 1975, and for almost 40 years, the company focused on one thing: providing the best housekeeping management services in health care. Because HHS was, as it is today, a privately-held organization, our leaders, directors, and front line team members have always had the freedom to develop their own best practices to provide superior cleaning results and hospitality service in the industry rather than be driven by the demands of a Wall Street Board merely looking to raise profits.

Since day one, the foundation of our success has been to find high caliber, service-oriented team members who put the safety and satisfaction of the patients and customers we serve above all else. We provide our teams with the systems, the tools, and the national network of expert support necessary to exceed the expectations of those we serve.

As a result of this commitment, HHS has grown, one satisfied customer at a time, to become the largest privately-owned EVS provider in the country, serving more than 275 health care communities across the nation.

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In 2009, the HHS family of support services began to expand. To address client concerns about patient flow, our team of technical experts, in conjunction with input from our many hospital partners, developed a revolutionary patient throughput software, BedWatch.

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In 2010, we began building a top-notch team of health care food service operators and leaders, industry experts who provide the kind of superior service that has always been the hallmark of HHS.

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These new service offerings—combined with our continued focus on EVS management—allow HHS to offer a full menu of hospitality solutions to our hospital partners.

Because we’re so good at delivering the best hospitality services to the health care industry, we make it possible for you to provide the best healing experiences possible.