The HHS Scholarship program is back and eager to help full-time team members achieve their goals! Whether the dream is to go to a technical college, earn a bachelor’s degree, or take a class at a community college, we want to help.

Click here to submit an application:

Scholarship Application Form



1. Fill out an application online.

2. We may call to conduct one or more phone interviews.

3. If you are awarded a scholarship, we will send the money to the accredited school of your choice. Applicants must enroll in school in order to use the scholarship funds.



Who’s eligible?

All full-time hourly team members in the field.


What is the application deadline?

Fall Semester: June 20th

Spring Semester: November 20th


What are the requirements?

Must be full-time, in good standing, and have worked continuously for HHS for a minimum of one (1) year.


What amount will be awarded?

Scholarship amounts are based on applicant needs and will vary.

If a scholarship is granted, it must be utilized in the same semester granted. Upon notification of award, the recipient must confirm with the scholarship committee that they will attend the identified school during the semester the scholarship has been awarded. Any delay in confirmation will result in the scholarship being reallocated to another participant.


When will I find out if I will receive a scholarship?

Fall Semester: July 10th

Spring Semester: December 10th

Candidates granted a scholarship award will be notified by telephone and email. In addition, successful candidates will be identified on the Electronic Message Boards (EMBs).


If I have already received a scholarship, can I reapply?

Absolutely! In order to reapply, you are required to have successfully completed previous courses, and must submit your transcript(s) to scholarships@hhs1.com.


Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact us at scholarships@hhs1.com. We will respond to all questions within 2 business days.