HHS Announces New CEO

On June 22nd, Bobby Floyd, formerly the Chief Executive Officer of the Healthcare Division, became the acting Chief Executive Officer of HHS. Brian Weed, the previous HHS Chief Executive Officer, moved into the CEO of the Healthcare Division position. The change of roles allows both leaders to better engage in the areas where the Board of Directors believe they can make the biggest impact and provide the best service to our partners, team members, and managers moving forward. 

Floyd has held a number of positions in his 10+ years with HHS, in both operations and business development capacities. Throughout his tenure as COO and later CEO of the Healthcare Division, he has helped the company double in size while navigating a healthcare market that has been under constant financial pressure. His efforts to improve operations have enabled HHS to maintain a 97 percent account retention rate and sustain a 15 percent annual growth rate. Under his guidance, HHS University was created, new technology programs and initiatives were launched, and HHS’ first international partnership was established. Floyd has been recognized as a top leader in healthcare by Becker’s Hospital Review and has been honored as a Rising Star: Healthcare Leaders Under 40 for two years in a row. 

The new leadership alignment enables Floyd to better support the day-to-day management of the company while providing additional capacity to focus on future business endeavors. Floyd will take the direct lead on all aspects of the everyday oversight of HHS, which includes leading the organization with technological and corporate initiatives, overseeing division operations, and developing a cohesive OneHHS organization across all divisions. 

As CEO, Floyd seeks to help the company continue improving quality outcomes while maintaining its current rate of growth. Additionally, he will focus on sustaining and improving the company’s culture, while striving to set HHS apart as an employer of choice within the support services industry. This will come with an emphasis on further incorporating the OneHHS philosophy and highlighting HHS’ values of diversity and inclusion.

HHS Executive Chairman Joe Terry provides insight on the leadership change, “We are fortunate that our ownership and leadership structure supports and enables us to assess the environment, our teams, and make the necessary changes based on the current needs of our business. We believe that these key leadership transitions will better align us to continue to be successful in providing quality outcomes, pursuing sustainable company growth, and continuing to build a company that provides increased opportunities for all.”

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