HHS Celebrates 45th Anniversary

July marks an exciting milestone for HHS as we celebrate our 45 year anniversary. Founded by Jim Spry in 1975, HHS, formerly Hospital Housekeeping Systems, started out as a provider of environmental services to the healthcare industry. 

Today, HHS has seen significant growth and expansion. From one partner to over 500—HHS now employs more than 17,000 team members throughout the United States and internationally and provides multiple support services including housekeeping, food, facilities maintenance, linen utilization, transport, and more. Although HHS’ foundation was built on healthcare, we have taken our strong processes and adapted them to the senior living, resort, government, education, and aviation industries. 

HHS was established with a desire to improve systems and achieve higher standards across the board for support services. Through the organization’s leadership team, the company has seen substantial growth and has paved its way as a leading competitor in the field. 

The key behind HHS’ growth has been centered on providing consistent, high-quality services with a responsible financial model. Utilizing proprietary technology platforms and remaining forward-thinking in its solutions, HHS has adapted to the dynamic industries it serves while providing true transparency into our services. 

In addition to a fiscally responsible model, HHS has built a strong network of partners that has enabled the company to maintain a 97% account retention rate. By emphasizing account retention rather than outselling losses, the organization has been able to establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Under the leadership of CEO Bobby Floyd, HHS is bound on a path for continual growth, as the leadership team has put a hyper-focus on improving quality outcomes across the organization. HHS will continue to work on sustaining and improving the company’s culture while striving to set itself apart as an employer of choice within the support service industry for years to come. 

Bobby Floyd, HHS CEO, shares comments on our 45 years of service, “HHS’ success has been a result of hard-working people adhering to the highest standards in the industry and striving to deliver on all of our commitments to our customer base. Our plan is to keep pushing ourselves to improve every day and to find new opportunities to provide high-quality solutions to the market.”