HHS Named One of Food Management’s 2021 Top 50 Management Companies

HHS has ranked No. 19 in Food Management’s 2021 edition of Top 50 Management Companies, which lists the 50 largest firms by 2020 revenue that provide food-related services.

Here’s an excerpt from Food Management:

Food Management’s Top 50 Contract Management Companies tabulates the 50 largest firms by 2020 revenue operating dining, catering, and other food-related services for clients in fields ranging from schools, colleges, hospitals, and senior living facilities to business and industry, sports, and entertainment, corrections and parks/recreation. Each company is ranked by top-line North American revenues for fiscal or calendar year 2020.

In addition, we asked each firm to provide a summary of how the pandemic affected their business and what business adjustments and operational changes they made to meet the crisis.

On HHS and COVID-19 Related Initiatives…

The immediate goal of HHS’s culinary programs during the COVID crisis was to keep customers safe while also maintaining a high level of food quality. It provided contactless grab-and-go stations and adjusted patient delivery systems that ensured a safe, pleasant experience.

Customer safety was and continues to be a top priority as HHS installed social distancing and mask requirements consistent with CDC guidelines and local mandates. It also began strict screening procedures for vendors who delivered food and staple items to ensure maximum safety at all points of contact.

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