HHS navigates the pandemic to safely implement eMaint CMMS software

HHS rolls out eMaint Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to help manage maintenance footprint and improve operational visibility. 

See case study excerpt below:

HHS provides a diverse set of support services to the healthcare, resort, senior living, government, aviation, and education industries. Today, operations span the globe and include 500 partner organizations. HHS provides many additional services, including maintaining biomedical equipment and hospital facilities, which is a growing area. The rapid and steady growth prompted HHS to look for a suitable CMMS to help standardize maintenance of facility assets and advance biomedical equipment for its hospital customers. 

Staff members at 53 hospitals were trained to use eMaint, including 22 administrative personnel and 31 technicians. Around March 2020, when the CMMS implementation schedules were created, the COVID-19 pandemic began escalating. Thankfully, users could train virtually by tapping eMaint’s vast resources and online learning portals, including eMaint University. 

Many of the organization’s hospitals required two separate CMMS program implementations with two different data sets. One program was configured to oversee regular facilities maintenance, such as boilers and chillers. A second program was customized for managing biomedical equipment, including ventilators and monitors, which require a biomedical engineer technician to perform maintenance work.

From January 2020 to early March 2020, HHS rolled out eMaint at hospitals in San Antonio and Gonzales, Texas, followed by Little Rock, Ark.  All three required two separate implementations—one biomedical program and one facilities maintenance program. HHS completed four more implementations through November 2020, including dual biomed and facility implementations at three hospitals in southern Alabama. 

Jennifer Ackles, Vice President of Support Operations at HHS, continues to leverage the eMaint team to assist her with ever-changing implementation challenges. HHS has reached its primary goals, including one login for eMaint CMMS software users, increasing visibility of facilities maintenance activities, and enhancing the organization’s professional appearance to customers via technology usage. “We’ve proven eMaint’s worth and use to our partners,” Ackles says.

HHS continues to make headway on Phase One and looks forward to completing it and beginning Phase Two soon.”

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