Steve Jourdan Named HHS CIO

Steve Jourdan has officially been named as HHS Chief Information Officer effective August 7. Jourdan, who also serves as Chief Executive Officer for BedWatch, an HHS technology subsidiary, will combine his responsibilities to further support the technology infrastructure of the organization. 

HHS CEO Bobby Floyd said of the announcement, “My goal with this move is to create and invest in technology products that position HHS and our operations team as a clear and obvious best choice in the global market for support services.”

Jourdan has been with HHS for over 25 years. He spent his first 15 years with the organization managing all IT operations, then later founded and transitioned to serve as BedWatch CEO where he has held the title for the past 10 years. Jourdan is a recognized leader and entrepreneur with a passion for developing technology solutions that empower organizations to be more effective. His ability to identify cultural and technological shifts in the industry has led to the evolution of HHS’ core business, as well as the creation of healthcare technology start-up BedWatch. Jourdan is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and has several patents pending for innovative technology inventions. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Communications from the University of Texas at Austin. 

As CIO, Jourdan will oversee all aspects of HHS’ information technology programs, implement new automation technologies, and bolster the organization’s existing systems. Additionally, he will focus on creating new technology programs to help improve efficiencies across all HHS’ divisions and service lines, while ensuring our partners receive effective tools for success. 

Jourdan shares why this role is important, “There is a recognition [at HHS] that technology is supporting everything that we do as an organization and touches nearly every person and every customer in a meaningful way.  To maximize our effectiveness, this means placing a strategic focus and investment into technology designed to support our operations and to provide our customers with unparalleled visibility tools.  I’m very excited about this role because it further enhances our ability to deliver innovative solutions to the markets that we serve.  Also, I’m very fortunate and grateful to be supported by a forward-thinking leadership and board of directors group that is taking a long term-term strategic approach to technology investment that will further solidify our market-leading position in the years to come.”

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