WSFA 12 News: Hospital housekeeping staff using UV light technology to fight COVID-19 spread

The HHS EVS team in Montgomery, Alabama was featured in an article by WSFA News for their commitment to disinfecting the hospital thoroughly to prevent the spread of COVID-19. EVS Director Bryan Young shares what his team is doing and how they are using technology to help combat the virus. Watch the full news clip here.

From the article by WSFA 12 News:

“My team is really focused on making sure they are hitting their high touch areas,” said Bryan Young, Environmental Service Director for Jackson Hospital in Montgomery. “Wiping down elevator buttons constantly, wiping down hands rails, also in the patient rooms making sure that we hit those high touch areas dealing with telephones, call buttons, and their side rails as well.”

Along with manpower, employees have the help of technology, thanks to a device called “Tru-D”.

UV Light Disinfection | Tru-DUV Light Disinfection is an environmentally friendly method of killing bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses without the use of harmful chemicals.

Before and after a patient leaves their room, the device disinfects hard to reach places. EVS teams then come in after to sanitize and wipe down surfaces.