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Executing and managing construction projects for accuracy and timeliness

HHS streamlines processes to deliver efficient management of construction services, including site surveys, designs, work plans, and construction schedules. We coordinate all construction operations to ensure design and project specifications are fully met, holding every contract partner accountable to their responsibilities. This method allows us to bring visibility to budgets and schedules for our partners. We also provide detailed safety trainings on a regular basis to ensure that the team remains compliant according to current safety protocols and OSHA standards. Throughout the entire construction project, we guarantee all regulation requirements are met so that you always receive the best results.

Meeting Your Goals with Construction Management

HHS’ mission, as your construction management partner, is to ensure all construction projects are completed accurately and on-time.

With HHS as your construction management partner, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive, detailed plans regarding design, schedules, and construction processes to guarantee precision, timeliness, and cost-efficiency
  • Industry-leading technology that keeps you informed of the entire construction project
  • Exceptional training programs that promote safety, efficiency, and quality
  • Assurance that all regulation and environmental protection requirements are addressed in a timely manner to avoid delays
One-Source Project Management

No longer do you need to call multiple contacts to accomplish a set of tasks. HHS will provide each customer a single point-of-contact to allow for straightforward communication and all-around transparency. Handoffs become a thing of the past; development, construction, operations, and all services are delivered by one team. Nothing will get lost in translation when you know exactly who you are working with and whom you can contact at anytime.

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