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Connecting customers to your brand and products to drive sales

The key to driving sales is being equipped with a highly skilled team of brand ambassadors who are thoroughly trained in customer service strategies. Our marketing and event specialists are 100 percent dedicated to bringing awareness to your product and increasing sales in order to effectively promote your brand. This allows you to have confidence that your brand is marketed to its full potential and solidifies your influence on customers’ purchasing decisions.

Meeting Your Goals with Marketing & Events

As your brand ambassadors, we will focus on providing customers with an interactive experience that bolsters your product sales and increases awareness.

We achieve this by:

  • Hiring shopper-centric team members who are well-versed in customer service best practices
  • Designing a program that specifically meets your goals and objectives
  • Providing comprehensive quality assurance programs that hold us accountable to your standards
  • Offering proprietary technology platforms that provide detailed analytics on product and brand metrics
HHS’ marketing and event services include:
  • Demos
  • On-site events
  • Customer intercepts
  • Cell activation
  • Electronic specialists

All service offerings can be tailored to your current needs and adjusted regularly to fit your goals.

Discover how HHS’ marketing and event services can increase sales and improve brand awareness

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