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Visual Merchandising

Creating winning solutions that drive sales and strengthen brand awareness

We provide comprehensive visual merchandising for everything from new product rollouts to full scale remodels. From signing, fixtures, and product placement to visual aesthetics, we ensure your products get in front of the customer so they can sell themselves. We guarantee your planograms are fully implemented and items are stocked and visible for consumer purchase, allowing your team to concentrate on helping customers.

Meeting Your Goals with Visual Merchandising

We guarantee that every detail—from the lighting, to signage, product placement, and display—will be visually appealing to draw attention to your products and brand.

As your visual merchandising partner, we will provide you with:

  • A well-equipped team built to support your needs
  • Comprehensive visual merchandising programs that ensure your product placement is well-designed
  • Quality assurance technologies that measure performance and hold us accountable to our results
  • A program developed to specifically meet your goals and brand objectives
Our visual merchandising services include:

  • Resets
  • New store sets
  • Remodels
  • Displays
  • Seasonal promotions


  • Installs and assembly
  • Signing
  • New item cut-ins
  • Out-of-stock correction
  • Store mapping

Our programs can be tailored to your current needs and adjusted regularly to fit your goals.

Learn how HHS’ visual merchandising can enhance your brand and grow your sales

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