HHS Culinary Named One of the Top 50 Contract Management Companies by Food Management Magazine

FM 2017 Top 50HHS Culinary has been named as one of the Top 50 Contract Management Companies by Food-Management.com for the fifth year in a row, moving up 2 rankings to 29 for 2017.  HHS continues to increase its position on the list from 49 in 2014, 40 in 2015, and 31 in 2016.

From the article, FM  2017 Top 50:

One of the highlights of the HHS dining program in the past year is Chef’s Table, an interactive cooking station where chefs create made-to-order specialties for guests. The offerings change daily and always features fresh, seasonal ingredients.

HHS has also launched a Crème de la Dining program in its Senior Living service offering that includes a tableside dessert service flambé cart.

It has also established an organization wide commitment to using sustainable, responsibly raised animals and seafood, cage-free eggs and fresh produce, in addition to looking at and reducing its carbon footprint. The commitment directly relates to the company’s philosophy that high-quality, freshly prepared food is good for both diners and the environment.

2016 served as a banner year for HHS Culinary, with the introduction of new cloud-based food management technology and the forward commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, HHS continues to build upon momentum.


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