HHS Culinary Named One of the Top 50 Contract Management Companies by Food Management Magazine

Food Management Top 50 2016HHS Culinary has been named as one of the Top 50 Contract Management Companies by Food-Management.com for the third year in a row. HHS has increased its position on the list from 49 in 2014 and 40 in 2015 to jump to number 31 in 2016, after a year of steady growth.

From the article, FM’s 2016 Top 50:

HHS Culinary continues to rocket up the Top 50 listing, increasing revenues from $39 million to $65 million between 2014 and 2015 and the number of contracts held from 27 to 46.

Over the course of the year, the company underwent a major realignment of its leadership, both within its parent company and in its division, to add efficiency. It added market directors to the team in order to expand its support network,improve accountability and provide more focused regional leadership support for its partners.

HHS Culinary began in 2010 as a solution for HHS partners seeking restaurant-quality dining programs in a healthcare setting. Our culinary leadership team is comprised of clinical nutrition experts as well as master chefs and retail dining professionals committed to reinventing the concept of “hospital food.”

We pride ourselves on working with local vendors in each community we serve to provide fresh, local ingredients and seasonally appropriate menus that are nourishing, flavorful, and promote a positive healing environment.

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