HHS Culinary Pledges to Foster Responsible Stewardship and Animal Welfare Company-wide

At the beginning of 2017, HHS Culinary pledged to purchase only humanely raised, cage-free eggs and sustainable seafood for all job sites as part of our commitment to support responsible animal welfare and sustainability practices.  As we continue to push forward with our company-wide pledge to responsible stewardship and animal welfare, we also expect our suppliers to adhere to industry standards and government regulations in regard to animal welfare by incorporating protocols and demonstrating compliance.

We acknowledge that it is our responsibility to engage with suppliers and establish partnerships with those who are equally committed to striving for an environment consistent with The 5-Step Animal Welfare Standards developed by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP).

The 5-Step Animal Welfare Standards are defined as:

      Step 1 – No cages, no crates, no crowding

      Step 2 – Enriched environment

      Step 3 – Enhanced outdoor access

      Step 4 – Pasture centered

      Step 5 – Animal centered, physical alterations prohibited

      Step 5+ – Animals live entire life on integrated farm

In addition to our commitment to educating and advocating opposition to the mistreatment of animals, we have implemented GAP’s multi-tiered animal welfare standards to further educate team members, clients and consumers regarding current and future animal welfare issues.

Our animal welfare policy addresses a range of animal welfare issues affecting egg, dairy, meat, and seafood production. Our strategic implementation plan and timeline includes:

By the end of 2017:
  • Purchase only cage-free eggs from the U.S.
  • Eliminate use of all seafood raised in unsustainable environments
By the end of 2018:
  • Eliminate all pork products from animals bred using gestation crates
  • Eliminate use of veal in all operations due to unethical treatment of animals
By 2024:
  • Source only chickens certified by GAP, and require all chickens to be processed in a manner that avoids live-dumping and live-shackling, and instead utilizes a pre-shackle, multi-step controlled-atmosphere processing system that’s widely hailed as more humane
Ongoing goals and scope of responsibilities:
  • Engage team members and suppliers to understand animal welfare issues
  • Educate clients regarding HHS’ position on animal welfare
  • Provide counsel and resources to clients responsible for sourcing within our partnerships
  • Incorporate our position and policy into all contracts, proposals and documents
  • Reference suppliers’ own resources on animal rights positions and policies upon request
  • Expect swift and decisive action by suppliers in unforeseen cases of animal abuse or cruelty

Through HHS’ continued mission to be successful in identifying and providing partners with the highest quality ingredients and service, we will continue to review and refine our sustainability standards and processes to further conserve and improve our environmental impact.