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The solution to patient throughput

SureTurn applies systems thinking across different support areas to provide a solution to the challenges that facilities have been facing for decades regarding the patient throughput process. SureTurn begins with the cross training of both the EVS and transport teams to create a more efficient system for handling patient discharges, inpatient transfers, and patient room turnarounds. This innovative program strategically utilizes crowdsourced labor, integrative technology, forward-thinking analytics, and predictive modeling to not only streamline interdepartmental communication, but also to produce a better financial picture for your facility.

Meeting your goals with SureTurn

By utilizing the program’s core fundamentals, including skills alignment, notification improvement, and workforce management, SureTurn is able to significantly improve your facility’s throughput.

This is achieved by:

  • Providing real-time visibility into the patient flow process
  • Enabling efficiencies through crowdsourcing technology
  • Recapturing hidden room availability by removing clinician-driven notification delays
  • Eliminating delays and bottlenecks with streamlined notifications

Case Study

SureTurn offers a new way to address common throughput concerns. Through a detailed analysis of the causes and symptoms of these problems, SureTurn is able to pinpoint key opportunities for improvement. Learn how SureTurn has impacted patient throughput at one of our partner facilities by reviewing our case study below.

SureTurn: Helping a Florida Hospital Reclaim Unrecognized Bed Space

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