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5 min Senior Living Aug 5, 2022

How HHS Helped CHRISTUS St. Joseph Village Improve Its Dining Services

A dining program that results in a community full of unhappy residents brings daily... Read More
4 min Healthcare Jul 27, 2022

3 Non-Negotiable Steps to Maintaining Clean Floors in Your Hospital

Picture this: you’re a potential patient in need of care, and upon entering a healthcare... Read More
4 min Senior Living Jun 15, 2022

3 Senior Living Dining Trends to Serve The Next Generation of Residents

Nearly one million Americans live in a senior living community. And this number is... Read More
3 min Healthcare Jun 1, 2022

Healthcare Purchased Services: Reducing Costs and Improving Quality

Despite making up nearly 36 percent of a typical U.S. hospital’s operating expenses,... Read More
5 min Healthcare Mar 23, 2022

How Internal Patient Transport Improves Hospital Operations

What is patient transport? There are two types of patient transportation. One refers to... Read More
48 min Healthcare Feb 24, 2022

Let's Talk Solutions: Nursing Partnerships with Willie Nash and Kimberly Weber

Amy and Jon chat with Willie Nash, Director of EVS at UCHealth Memorial Hospital in... Read More
36 min Healthcare Feb 17, 2022

Let's Talk Solutions: Exceptional Food Service with Dirk Noteboom

Amy and Jon chat with Dirk Noteboom, President of Culinary in Healthcare and Senior... Read More
33 min Healthcare Feb 10, 2022

Let's Talk Solutions: Facilities Management with Steve Weipert

Amy and Jon chat with Steve Weipert, Vice President of IFM at HHS, about facilities... Read More
51 min Healthcare Feb 8, 2022

Let's Talk Solutions: Infection Prevention with Erva Trotter and Luke Draper of UCHealth

Amy and Jon sit down with Erva Trotter, EVS Director at UCHealth University of Colorado... Read More
5 min Healthcare Feb 2, 2022

Our Predictions of the Top Food Trends of 2022

Keeping up with ever-evolving food trends isn’t always easy, especially in a healthcare... Read More
36 min Healthcare Jan 27, 2022

Let's Talk Solutions: Overcoming Staffing and Recruiting Challenges with Chris Burciaga and Jonathan Beveridge

Kicking off season two, Amy and Jon chat with Chris Burciaga, President of Environmental... Read More
5 min Aviation Dec 29, 2021

How COVID-19 has Impacted Health and Safety in the Aviation Industry

COVID-19 has forced all industries to adapt and improve infection prevention and safety... Read More