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Housekeeping & Custodial Services

Wherever people gather — whether to learn, travel, work, or play — we’re there to provide a clean and safe environment.

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Setting the Standard for Cleanliness

HHS began cleaning facilities in 1975 and has been constantly fine-tuning our training programs, systems and processes, and overall approach.

We implement industry-leading best practices to maintain clinical cleanliness, engineer a customized solution for every facility we service and implement a thorough quality assurance program to ensure we’re consistently delivering positive outcomes.

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Focusing on First Impressions

While we design our housekeeping services to achieve clinical cleanliness, we also focus on creating a positive first impression. Creating spotless lobbies, bathrooms, waiting rooms, and other public spaces is critical to building a better experience for every person we serve.

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Using Technology to Generate Results

Whether it’s a cloud-based request software or advanced robotics, we use technology with one purpose in mind: to generate better results.

Through the use of technology, we’ve been able to save customers millions of dollars, drive efficiencies that increase revenue, and improve key performance metrics.

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