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Introducing TESS

Connecting technology with operational expertise to deliver unmatched value.

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What is TESS?

TESS, short for Technology Enabled Support Services, is HHS’ suite of cutting-edge technology tools designed to empower facility support service teams. 

TESS comprises three integrated components: operations enablers, quality assurance, and reporting and analytics. These modules work together, supporting the entire service lifecycle. The results? Improved operational efficiency, optimized resource allocation, and reduced costs.

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How TESS Operates

It starts with operations—think intelligent automation and autonomous robotics—to automate routine tasks and streamline workflows, allowing us to do more with less and have more time to build valuable connections with customers and create exceptional experiences.

TESS then monitors our performance through quality assurance measures, such as compliance metrics and customer interactions. This real-time feedback loop empowers us to refine processes, anticipate potential challenges, and proactively address them. Finally, this data is presented in comprehensive and intuitive dashboards, enabling data-driven decision-making and offering complete transparency in our service delivery and financials. 

Core Components of TESS

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Benefits of TESS

TESS allows you to optimize resources and achieve quality outcomes that impact your organization in several ways.

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