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March 4, 2021

A Chef-Led Approach to Hospital Food Service

Hospital food hasn’t always carried the best reputation or been shown in the brightest light. At HHS, we’re committed to changing that notion through our chef-driven philosophy.

With this approach, we’re able to build a strong team, get involved in the community, and create a better experience for patients and customers. That’s the drive behind the program and what sets it apart from most.

Total buy-in from chefs and team members serves as the solid foundation for this philosophy. 


Every successful team starts with its members. Recruiting forward-thinking chefs and team members who lead with creativity and a quality-driven approach is key.

Our recruiting team achieves this by:

• Identifying individuals who possess leadership skills and a passion for their culinary craft

• Nourishing relationships with potential candidates throughout the recruiting process

• Encouraging managers and culinary members to refer candidates to join the HHS team

The creative freedom of the program allows the culinary team to construct a plan based on the needs and wants of those they serve. 

This flexibility ensures that the culinary team is left to do what they do best —  serving the specific needs of their customers and communities.


Community involvement is fundamental in what sets HHS’ culinary program apart. Supporting local businesses and engaging the community through food is a high priority, and our chefs head this initiative. 

Exhibits like our Chef’s Table encourages engagement and creates a hands-on, front-row seat experience.

With consumer preference and a restaurant-style approach in mind, healthy, quality meal options are readily available. Chefs can create dishes based on local flavors to serve the community what they’re familiar with. 

This local approach allows for a perfectly curated menu for any neighborhood, customer, or patient. 

Patient and Consumer Experience

With a chef-led philosophy, care-givers and the culinary team can collaborate and create a better patient and customer experience. 

While it's also important to serve the community regionally-focused foods, it's essential to provide patients with something they're familiar with.

Local flavors make patients feel more comfortable and at home. Chefs work to tie in that familiar, great-tasting food with the nutritional elements needed to promote healing and recovery.

Through this chef-led approach to hospital food service, we’re working to change the perception of hospital food. We’re achieving this by focusing on the fundamentals — our chefs and team members, the community, and the patient experience. 

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