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November 28, 2023

Introducing Nourished: Bridging the Nutrition Gap

The influx of information surrounding nutrition has left many individuals questioning what’s correct regarding food choices. As registered dietitians (RDs), we face a constant battle as we aim to give patients and caregivers the tools to make the right decisions when it comes to their nutrition. To simplify the information overload, we determined we needed to break down the walls and meet everyone at the table. This insight led to the development of our new nutrition program, Nourished. Nourished bridges the wellness gap, providing a platform for engaging education about nutrition, specially tailored for the unique challenges within healthcare.

What is Nourished?

Nourished goes beyond conventional healthcare boundaries, fostering a connection between caregivers, patients, and medical teams. participant-interaction-nourished-04Nourished gives participants direct access to RDs and chefs at the table, showcasing full transparency through culinary demonstrations and open discussion around recipes and featured ingredients.

Positioning Nourished within the hospital environment places it at the heart of healing, offering a distinct platform for individuals to nourish their body and mind and engage in an educational experience. By spotlighting specialized diets such as cardiac, renal, and diabetic, Nourished becomes an educational hub that bridges the gap between medical care and personal wellness. 

What Does Nourished Look Like?

Nourished consists of live demos, where participants gather around the table to meet with RDs and chefs and explore ways to incorporate healthy choices into their lives. For example, we have a Blended feature that highlights heart-healthy smoothies. As part of this program, we showcase three smoothie options, allowing participants to taste each. 

The table setup is deliberate, displaying all ingredients before blending them into the smoothie. This visual setup enables participants to explore each component and find alternatives according to their preferences. To reinforce learning, we supply recipe cards and educational materials highlighting key ingredients and offer valuable tips, empowering individuals to replicate these recipes at home.participant-interaction-nourished-01

Impacting Learning and Exploration

Nourished dismantles conventional, inflexible dietary plans, with our RDs asking, "What do you like to eat?" This personalized methodology, coupled with live demonstrations, alleviates apprehension linked to dietary modifications. It serves as a space where participant-interaction-nourished-02wellness isn't dictated but discussed, providing participants with practical insights on preparation, storage, and customization. Nourished fosters a collaborative exploration, dispelling myths and inspiring participants to carry their newfound knowledge back to their kitchens.

Creating a Community Around Food
Nourished invites patients, doctors, care teams, and visitors to learn together, fostering connection and mutual understanding. Blending expertise and personal experiences transforms the table into a stage for meaningful relationships centered on overall wellness and how to make it fun. Participants leave, understanding that healthy eating is not restrictive but a journey of exploration and enjoyment.

As Nourished expands, its impact deepens by addressing recurring health issues faced by post-treatment patients. By teaching essential components and habits for sustaining wellness, Nourished becomes a catalyst for change, aiming to break the cycle of readmission due to nutrition-related complications. Bringing together these tools, we emphasize that nourishment extends beyond the hospital walls and is integral to health and well-being.



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