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May 1, 2024

UV-C Light Testing and Validation in Hospitals

Is UV-C light an effective infection prevention method in hospitals?

Research has proven UV-C is effective as an additional layer of disinfection. As with any cleaning protocol, UV-C exposures must be validated to ensure proper execution.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to validate UV-C devices and how this technology can be used in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

What is UV-C Testing, and Why Does it Matter?

UV-C testing is the process of validating that the device hits the primary targets of the area or room at the right dosage.

As UV-C light disinfection happens at the molecular level and cannot be seen with the naked eye, testing provides confirmation that the machines are delivering the right doses for disinfection.

Validation is especially important when using UV-C in hospitals, though, as there often needs to be more understanding of how the machines work. Proper training, conducted routinely to help employees retain the information, combats this problem.

Understanding and Measuring a UV-C Dose

A UV-C dose is the amount of UV-C light exposure given to an area.

Calculating the proper dose must take into account the dimensions and physical environment of the room, as well as the UV wavelength, light intensity, any shading in the room, and the machine’s run time. A UV-C dosimeter makes these calculations easy to measure.

What is a UV-C Dosimeter? 

UV-C dosimeters are the best way to validate doses of UV-C exposure.

UV-C dosimeter by Intellego to validate UV-C light disinfection

The dosimeter card will change color over time based on the exposure to a specific wavelength of UV-C light delivered to the card. This provides initial confirmation of whether or not the UV-C machine delivered adequate exposure to the areas being targeted for UV-C light disinfection.

How To Use a UV-C Dosimeter Card

  1. Place a dosimeter card in the targeted areas of the room requiring validation.
    1. Distance from the machine affects its ability to disinfect, so placing the cards in different areas will more accurately validate the machine’s efficacy.
  2. Complete a full cycle of the UV-C machine.
  3. Once the machine is off, reenter the cleaned area to check the cards and compare them to the color codes on each card.
  4. If the dosage is inadequate, the device may need to be adjusted and rerun until the proper validation is achieved.

UV-C Technology in Hospitals

UV-C light in hospitals can offer an added layer of assurance for patients, staff, and guests. However, the relative lack of understanding of the machines means that adequate training and validation are essential to achieving the full benefits of utilizing this technology.

Some UV-C companies include training in their offerings, which would allow your employees to learn from experts. If you are considering outsourcing housekeeping and UV-C is a part of the offered services, look into the training they provide for UV-C machines to ensure they will be used properly and safely.

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