Our Philosophy

OneHHS—the philosophy that connects us.

OneHHSThough we may have thousands of team members spread across the globe, there is a sense of community that connects us all. OneHHS is our internal company philosophy, which captures our values, culture, and guiding principles that we use to conduct ourselves as managers, team members, and as partners for our customers.

This philosophy affects everything we do, from our interactions with customers and within our teams, to our hiring, training, and retention programs, and our operational best practices. Though each of our teams may have their own unique goals and challenges, we hold a common thread that unites us in our aim to provide the best service in the industry. No matter which service line, industry, or position our team members may be in, we are all OneHHS.

  • OneHHS means that we are all one company that strives to maintain consistent patterns of behavior and consistent results throughout every part of our organization.
  • Being OneHHS means that we not only build an environment where we can hold others to our values and ethics, but that we are self aware to the point that we first hold ourselves to those same values.
  • Being OneHHS means that as individuals we take personal ownership for being true to our word, making agreements and following through with them, owning how we show up for life and work each day, and being steadfast in the things we stand for, like honesty and integrity.