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May 12, 2022

It Just Comes Natural: Personable Care in EVS

Rita MarbleBernadette “Rita” Marble finds her purpose as an EVS housekeeper in one simple but all-important thing: People. “I just love interacting with people, that’s my motivation,” she shared. “A lot [of patients] don’t get visitors and the nurses and doctors are always poking and prodding. I just go in there in between cleaning their room, chat with them, find out how they’re doing, and make them laugh. I know one day I am gonna be on the other end and I would like someone to be there for me [in the same way].” 

Originally from Rochester, New York, Rita moved to Florida 15 years ago with her daughter and three granddaughters. She has a background in patient care and has worked at a psychiatric center, in-home care, and other types of facilities. This background and her natural ability to care for others have prepared her to be an exceptional housekeeper. 

Earlier this year, Rita was recognized by her hospital as their 2021 Non-Clinical Caregiver of the Year. Colleagues and patients raved about Rita’s outstanding work. Rita is giving of her time and attention, whether that’s training a fellow housekeeper or holding a patient’s hand when they feel alone. One patient said, “The small conversations we had gave me hope that I was going to be ok.”

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Upon hearing these words, Rita said, “Wow. I didn’t know people thought of me like that. I just go in and I do what comes naturally. To me, it’s making sure people are comfortable. Sometimes it’s listening and not saying anything that makes a big difference to someone. Or just standing there holding their hand. That’s what I know how to do. I love caring for people.”

Recently, Rita was able to help calm a patient who had become frantic while receiving care. “The longer I talked, the calmer she became,” Rita said. Rita was doing what she does best: effortlessly making someone feel seen, heard, and valued. And that is what made the difference for this particular patient. Rita demonstrates the level of impact that every single team member can have on a patient’s life. 

Rita sees her greatest accomplishment, however, to be her family. She is the proud great-grandmother of three and spends most of her free time with them as well as enjoying the beautiful nature in her area.

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