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August 28, 2023

EVS Supervisor Devin Gibbs Heading to the U.S. Army After Impactful Time at HHS

Devin Gibbs 1Team member Devin Gibbs has demonstrated exceptional initiative and leadership during his time with HHS in Environmental Services (EVS). Despite being only 19 years old, Devin's impact on his facility has been notable.

Devin's journey to HHS began with a desire for growth and opportunity. He was working in retail and felt his efforts weren't being valued or rewarded, which prompted him to seek a more fulfilling path. Devin was drawn to HHS because of his uncle, Vice President of EVS Joey Dowell. "I took a trip up [to see my uncle] and went to a couple of hospitals with him when I was about 13," Devin reminisces. "That was my first introduction to HHS, and it was a super cool experience."

Upon joining HHS, Devin quickly transitioned from a housekeeping role to a supervisor position within a mere two months. EVS Director Scott Beckwith recognized Devin's inherent leadership qualities immediately. "With one year of HHS service, Devin has made a significant impact on the facility," Scott notes. "He became a 'go-to' guy amongst his fellow colleagues. His commitment to understanding our processes and procedures launched Devin into his leadership role."

Devin's leadership style, pulling from his extensive time in Boy Scouts of America, is a testament to his thoughtful approach. "I don't necessarily like to tell people what to do; I like to show them how to do it," Devin explains. He believes in empowering his colleagues through knowledge, encouraging independence, and fostering an environment where everyone can contribute and learn from one another.

Devin Gibbs 2

His impact isn't confined to the facility's operations. Devin’s patience and compassion enabled him to recently help a patient’s husband who didn’t speak English and was confused by what was happening around him. Devin managed to ease the husband’s confusion and elevate their hospital experience. "I felt like I kind of helped to turn that experience into a positive," he says. 

Devin will soon embark on a new adventure—joining the U.S. Army. Despite his commitment to HHS, he knows joining the Army will offer valuable life experience, challenges, and opportunities for growth. "I’m really just trying to improve myself as a person; that’s the main thing. There [will always] be an opportunity to meet new people and do new things [in the Army]," Devin explains. He envisions himself as a drone pilot for the Special Forces, drawn to the adventure it offers.

Devin also values the experience that having a chance to travel will give him; enriching him culturally and intellectually. "I want to travel abroad everywhere and I want to live in as many cultures as possible," he states. His passion for understanding different perspectives reflects his maturity and will only add to his leadership skills.

His impact at HHS will undoubtedly be missed, but Devin's journey is far from over. As he steps into the military realm, the seeds of leadership and initiative that he sowed at HHS will continue to flourish. "Even though I'm stepping out of HHS, it's still something that I would 100% come back to," Devin affirms. His commitment to growth, personal development, and making a positive impact on those around him will undoubtedly mark his path, wherever it leads.

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