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November 13, 2019

Facilities Team Member Recognized for Great Work

Mason DixonMason Dixon began working with HHS at a facility in North Little Rock, Arkansas in August  2019 and has quickly made a strong impression on his colleagues. 

Director of Facilities Neil Gaiser says of Mason, "His performance and attitude go well above and beyond what is expected. I have purposely made rounds just to ask his customers how Mason is doing in his role and have gotten 100% positive feedback."

In a recent leadership meeting, OR Director Josh Jorgensen took a moment to recognize Mason for a job well done. Josh complimented Mason and the biomed team, saying that they are attentive to the department and complete tasks in a timely manner, often before they are due. They take a proactive approach to caring for equipment, inspecting demonstration devices before it's necessary, which has allowed the department more flexibility for implementing new devices. Josh also stated that this biomed team is more engaged with the department and their needs than any biomed group he has worked with in the past. Josh closed by again thanking Mason as other meeting attendees chimed in to agree. 

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