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November 12, 2020

HHS Team Member Wins Cintas C.A.P.E Award

Last year, Peggy Weaver lost her oldest son. As she grieved, she found comfort in the fact that her son’s tragedy would bring hope to others. He was an organ donor through LifeLink, and eight other people would receive his organs. It was a small comfort that helped Peggy maintain a positive outlook.

Despite the tragedy of losing her son and the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, Peggy shows up every day at Brandon Regional Hospital in Florida with a great attitude and a determination to make sure — as an environmental services worker — she keeps patients and staff safe.

Melissa Yusko, Peggy’s director of EVS at Brandon Regional, wanted to find a way to honor Peggy when she heard about Cintas’ C.A.P.E Award (Cleaning to Advance the Patient Experience). Cintas wanted to highlight the essential work EVS heroes have been doing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The C.A.P.E Award would give $2,500 to eight EVS heroes across the United States and provide another $2,500 to each to donate to a charity of their choice.

Here is some of what Melissa wrote in her nomination of Peggy:

“Peggy Weaver is one of the kindest and most caring team members I have ever had the pleasure of having on my team. She comes to work every day, knowing what she does matters, and her positivity is infectious. Just this morning, I was rounding the ER, and Peggy was preparing to clean a trauma room that was an absolute disaster. When I saw the room, my eyes widened, and before I could say anything, Peggy said with a smile, ‘It’s ok, it’s just the floor’.”

Peggy became one of eight winners of the C.A.P.E Award, winning $2,500 in cash and getting recognized nationally as the hero she is. As for the $2,500 for charity? Peggy donated it to LifeLink, the organization that gave her the comfort that others could find hope even as she dealt with a tragedy.

peggy weaver cintas cape award

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