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June 27, 2024

Setting the Standard: HHS EVS Team named Hospital Team of the Year

Laundry and Linen Story 2The environmental services (EVS) team at Northwest Medical Center in Springdale, Arkansas, was recently named the hospital’s 2023 Team of the Year! The team’s dedication, exceptional teamwork, commitment to their patients, and camaraderie with hospital staff are just some qualities that earned them this recognition..

Director Derrick Wallace, who has over a decade of experience in the industry specializing in startups, joined HHS two years ago. After a few short months as director of this team, he was already impressed.  "Being a subcontractor and winning this award over other departments within the hospital is a significant achievement. It’s a hospital-wide vote, and to be chosen by peers and directors alike is an honor."

What stands out most, and perhaps contributing most to this team’s success, is their unparalleled teamwork and dedication to warm workplace culture. Supervisor Vicky Kirkland emphasized, "We have a good group of people who are always helping each other. It’s all about teamwork." 

"Whether it's celebrating small victories with donuts or supporting one another through tough days, the sense of camaraderie is strong," Derrick added.

How do they stay motivated? Mutual respect and support. Embodying a hands-on leadership style, both Vicky and Derrick often work directly alongside their team. They have a unified goal and celebrate their successes together. 

Another cornerstone of their success is the strong relationship between the EVS team and the rest of the hospital staff. Vicky works to maintain excellent rapport with all floor directors and nurses, ensuring smooth collaboration between teams. Derrick has observed a tremendous amount of respect and trust between the team, hospital staff, and leadership. Their dedication to patient care is also evident in every patient interaction. Derrick often hears heartwarming anecdotes of team members forming genuine connections with patients. "Our team members don't just clean rooms; they build relationships. Patients know them by name, and these interactions often brighten their day," he said.

What’s next? The EVS team is committed to maintaining their high standards, including consistent high-performance indicators and patient satisfaction scores, while continuing to nurture growth within their ranks. Derrick remains optimistic, saying, "We have a good opportunity for growth. Some of our team members are moving towards supervisory roles. Our goal is to keep that [Team of the Year] trophy."

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