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September 28, 2019

Success Story: Devin Bartlett

Devin BartlettDevin began working with HHS in October 2016 as an assistant director of EVS at a hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After a year there, he transferred to a facility in his hometown of Oklahoma City, where he had the opportunity to serve the neighborhood where he grew up. In January 2018 he began splitting his time between acting as a regional director supporting accounts across Oklahoma, and serving as an assistant director at his home account in Oklahoma City. In December 2018, when a powerful earthquake struck Alaska, he traveled to HHS' account in Anchorage to help restore the account to full operating ability. Three months later, Devin was given his dream opportunity and returned to Anchorage full time as the account EVS director. 

Devin has an extensive background in the medical field. He began his career by working in EMS and has held various clinical and non-clinical positions within the healthcare industry throughout the years. 

"Because of HHS, I am able to live in my dream location while doing a job that I love. I have worked for two of our competitors and what I can say about HHS is the system works. If the HHS system is being followed in your facility, you will be successful."


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