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5 min Leadership Nov 12, 2019

Leadership Spotlight: Scott Rafinkski

Scott Rafiniski is a vice president of environmental services in Colorado. He has been... Read More
5 min Leadership Sep 6, 2019

Leadership Spotlight: James Hernandez

James Hernandez has been with HHS for 30 years and leads the new manager orientation... Read More
3 min Leadership Jul 15, 2019

Leadership Spotlight: Chef Peter Tseng

Peter Tseng is the executive chef at a 300-bed medical center in Petersburg, Virginia and... Read More
3 min Leadership May 14, 2019

Leadership Spotlight: Jaime Ptacek

Jaime Ptacek is the director of patient transport at a hospital in Englewood, Colorado.... Read More
6 min Leadership Apr 5, 2019

Leadership Spotlight: Terrance Newson

Terrance Newson was recently promoted to vice president of environmental services after... Read More
4 min Leadership Nov 12, 2018

Leadership Spotlight: Richard Burnette

Richard Burnette is a director of environmental services and oversees operations at two... Read More
1 min Leadership Oct 22, 2018

Leadership Spotlight: Lisa Molnar

HHS Executive Vice President of Employment Resources and Benefits Lisa Molnar started... Read More
Leadership Sep 17, 2018

Leadership Spotlight: Gary Rizzato

Gary Rizzato has spent the last ten years working in the field of healthcare facility... Read More
1 min Leadership Sep 14, 2018

Leadership Spotlight: Greg Purnell

Greg Purnell joined HHS in 2016 and serves as the director of EVS and foodservice at a... Read More
Leadership Sep 9, 2018

Leadership Spotlight: Kendra Johnson

HHS Vice President of Environmental Services Kendra Johnson started with HHS right out of... Read More