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June 8, 2019

Team Member Success Story: Joann Oneal

Joann OnealJoAnn Oneal began working with HHS in January 2012 as a relief housekeeper at a medical center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Within a few months she was promoted to full-time lead, then later to supervisor for the first shift. After taking some leadership classes and attending the management training in Texas, JoAnn was promoted to assistant director in May 2018.

JoAnn has strong leadership skills and has a knack for building positive working relationships with team members and providing services that impact patients’ well-being. JoAnn was a stay at home mom for several years, and before joining HHS she worked as a supervisor at an assisted living facility. JoAnn is a widow with two children, four grandchildren, and several pets. In her free time she enjoys playing the piano and singing in the choir at church.

“Working with HHS has offered me the experience of advancing in management and having interaction with all kinds of different individuals with very diverse personalities. I enjoy my job and continue to learn new things about our company.”

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