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September 4, 2019

Team Recognized for Providing Excellent Service

In West Point, New York, the facility management team at an army hospital received a letter of appreciation for exceeding their normal job duties to support the facility in installing new equipment. The team was praised for their dedication and hard work. 

HHS Army Hospital Team

Letter to HHS Team from Army Hospital Chief of Facilities Management

The HHS Operations & Maintenance Team was recognized by the hospital command for their efforts on 17 August 2019 to replace the existing operating room scrub sinks and controls. Specifically Matthew Congro and Patrick Buice went above and beyond to accomplish this task, even though modifications to the factor sink was required. To accommodate this sink replacement, the hospital was put on divert for any emergent cases until the replacement was completed, which required close coordination with HQ MEDCOM.

Very early in the process, the HHS mechanics determined that the new sinks would need to be modified in order to be installed in the same location as the retired units. Matt and Pat returned the new sinks to the physical plant shop and made the modifications to the stainless steel that would allow them to continue the installation. Once complete, the two returned to the operating room suite, donned sterile suits, head and foot covering, and continued the installation. The finished installation shows a high level of professionalism and pride.

The dedication, workmanship and ingenuity of this HHS team was very impressive and shows the level of ownership they have for the hospital and our mission. This same can-do attitude is embedded in every one of the HHS players, and I want to share my observations and appreciation with you.

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