Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, and our programs were developed to promote a secure environment for every passenger that enters the airport and aircraft. Our exceptional level of quality has remained consistent since the beginning of our organization over 40 years ago, and has effortlessly transitioned to adhere to aviation standards for above the wing and below the wing services. Our comprehensive training programs, coupled with the knowledge base of our executive team, whose 55 years of combined aviation experience, ensures our partners continually receive a strong, safety-focused approach to services with competitive cost advantages.

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Cabin Cleaning

HHS cabin cleaning services include detailed, timely, and efficient techniques that guarantee the cabin is properly cleaned and ready for passengers every single time.

Your Challenges:

  • A negative first impression caused by a disorderly cabin can threaten the potential for repeat customers
  • Inefficient standardization of cleaning systems causes inconsistent results

Our Solution:

HHS’ exceptional training ensures cabin turn cleans are thoroughly completed on time and without delay. We guarantee that every detail—from lavatories, to tray tables, seatback pockets, and galleys—will be properly cleaned for the next group of passengers. Our extensive experience and high standards equal consistent results with a safety-driven approach.

Janitorial Services

Our tailored janitorial programs ensure hygienic, safe, and well-managed spaces for passengers, staff, and crew members.

Your Challenges:

  • Ineffective cleaning programs create inconsistent results and harm first impressions
  • High team member turnover rates and lack of staffing resources cause difficulty finding labor during busy travel seasons
  • Poorly trained, under-supported management teams cause inconsistent results

Our Solutions:

Our approach to janitorial services involves multi-tiered training programs that are focused on providing the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Our highly trained managers utilize industry-leading technology to ensure timely and consistent cleans throughout your airport. Coupled with our extensive experience, we provide high-level recruiting and hiring strategies to remove staffing concerns for our partners.

Passenger Services

HHS’ passenger services are hospitality-focused and cater to passenger safety throughout the check-in, baggage handling, and boarding processes.

Your Challenges:

  • Lack of well-trained staff can leave passengers frustrated and affect the perception of the airline or airport
  • High prices for ill-equipped staff not only cause a financial burden, but also reflect poorly on the airline and airport

Our Solutions:

Our approach to passenger services is centered around passenger safety. Our team members are trained in hospitality best practices to ensure passengers’ questions and needs are properly addressed and heard. From check-in to the boarding process, HHS team members are dedicated to catering to the needs of  passengers while following the unique protocols of the airline and airport.


Ramp Services

Our ramp services are safety-driven and developed to meet compliance regulations for ground support.

Your Challenges:

  • Improperly trained personnel cause accidents and injuries
  • Lack of knowledge regarding large equipment can result in safety issues around the aircraft

Our Solutions:

Our programs are tailored to meet compliance regulations and bring total transparency to ramp services. Our comprehensive training practices are centered around safety, and guarantee team members are utilizing the proper protocols to handle baggage, move equipment, and operate machinery. Our team members review compliance information regularly to stay up-to-date on new trainings and procedures that affect below the wing services.


Wheelchair Services

HHS wheelchair services utilize cloud-based technology to help transport passengers through the airport with efficiency and ease.

Your Challenges:

  • Inefficient processes for wheelchair services leave passengers frustrated—and cause delays for the airlines
  • Lack of innovative technology causes communication issues and missed opportunities for positive experiences

Our Solutions:

Our team members are equipped with the latest technology tools to improve the efficiency of your wheelchair services. With our proprietary technology, we identify areas of high demand to help transport passengers through the airport with greater ease. Timeliness is vital in the airport, and our team is trained on strategies to not only move passengers safely through the airport, but also to provide exceptional care and hospitality while doing so.

At HHS, we bring all the components into harmony.


HHS – Moving Forward. Together.

Establishing a safe environment goes well beyond cleanliness—it also relies on a strong foundation for support. At HHS, we bring all components of support service into harmony. We work from the ground up, from ensuring your passengers are treated with respect and empathy to guaranteeing our team follows strict compliance protocols to ensure the safety of everyone who enters your airport or aircraft. We understand the importance of your time and resources, and we value them just as much as you do.