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Custodial Services for Higher Education

Go beyond the appearance of clean and get clinical-grade cleanliness that instills confidence in students and faculty.

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A Customized Custodial Program

Give your students and faculty more than just a standard custodial program focused only on passing the minimum requirements. We assess your facility and get insight into the unique aspects of your campus. Then we design a program that serves your needs.

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Five Decades of Clinical Cleanliness

Before the pandemic, it was enough to simply make students and faculty feel like your campus was clean. Now, they want to know you’re doing everything you can to disinfect and sanitize.

Our nearly 50 years of experience cleaning hospitals enables us to bring proven infection prevention best practices to your campus. So you can assure your students and faculty of a safe environment.

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Harness Technology to Create a Cleaner Campus

The advancement of technology has accelerated the ability for colleges and universities to keep their campus clean. Whether it’s floor-cleaning robots or automated communication software, we can provide the tools needed to implement the most efficient and effective custodial services program possible.

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Driving Enrollment through a Great First Impression

Students and parents form an immediate opinion about the quality of education you provide based on the cleanliness of your campus. Create a first impression that instills confidence in students and parents in the learning environment at your college or university.

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Whether you want to request a proposal or just have a question about our services, we’re ready to help in any way we can.

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