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Facilities Maintenance

Streamlining facilities maintenance processes for better efficiency across your campus

Our approach to facilities maintenance is focused on ensuring your campus buildings and infrastructure perform to their maximum potential to exceed the expectations of your staff, faculty, and students. We provide you with optimized consultation, evaluation, and operation techniques to provide consistency to the management and maintenance of your campus. Utilizing our cloud-based systems, we are able to monitor all assets on your property and provide complete visibility—on any device, at any time. Our programs and processes allow us to maintain your operations and ensure that all building environments are consistently performing, allowing your students the best available learning experience.

Meeting Your Goals with Facilities Maintenance

HHS’ goal, as your facilities maintenance partner, is to help you achieve operational and financial success. By fostering common goals, we empower employees to report problems immediately so that any request can be expedited to solve maintenance issues. This integration yields better service and faster response times for your campus.

Our facilities maintenance program includes:

  • Transparent, comprehensive resources for better standardization of safety and regulatory compliance
  • A strategic energy management plan to improve your campus’ energy performance
  • Systematized maintenance procedures for each device, space, and component of your infrastructure to ensure the highest quality of work
  • A computer maintenance management system that accurately monitors your campus’ maintenance needs in real time
  • A complete infrastructure replacement plan to help you plan for timely replacement of equipment
  • Data-driven tools and reports that keep all stakeholders up-to-date on key performance indicators and goals

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