Integrated Facilities Management

In the current complex and changing healthcare environment, it is paramount to protect, produce, and recoup revenue while extending the life of specialized structures and building systems. We create soft savings, guaranteed hard savings, and even create significant new and predictable investment recovery streams through expert facilities management.

Our program is all about transparency, thereby changing complex multi-vendor, multi-campus, multi-point in-house programs into a single point of contact for all requests, at all times, from any location, and any device. Simply put, your team members and administrators will all be kept apprised of each step in your specific processes.

We also bring unique solutions such as:

Enhanced Asset Management© (view current auctions)

Ours is the only program of its kind in the nation, employing a statistical method—along with a sales support platform—designed to maximize investment recovery for healthcare assets. Our cutting edge, proprietary method ensures the most capital for your assets.

The method: Using scenario modeling to produce predictable outcomes for asset valuations and realizations, HHS uses the Towers Method©—which has been refined since 2001—to statistically project the final value of large portfolios of completely different classes of assets over a given period of time.

The platform: Honed over the past 25 years, the sales platform achieves price realization through exposure to a worldwide market of buyers pre-screened for slated assets via online auction, private sale, and equipment trade desks. The expected prices are guaranteed by HHS many months in advance. Pre-sale processes allow for assets to be inventoried, loaded for viewing, and claimed within the healthcare system before sale. Assets can also be donated to your qualified organizations through the system at no cost. In this regard, transfer of liability is achieved to conforming system standards rather than local preference or relationship. Should no sale or donation occur, HHS can manage the salvage process through our sustainable integrated waste stream programs.

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