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Hospital Patient Transport as a Throughput Solution

Optimize patient throughput, increase patient and clinician satisfaction, and maximize revenue through a centralized, tech-enabled patient transport department.

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Our Approach

Why Patient Flow?

On average, we give nearly 7,000 hours back to nurses annually. That extra time leads to improved quality of care, better nurse-to-patient ratios, and an overall increase in patient and nursing satisfaction.


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The Benefits of a Centralized Patient Transport Department

Keeping up with all the patients that need to be moved within your hospital is not easy. You have patient direct admits, discharges, patients going to and from the OR or diagnostic imaging — it's a lot!

Many hospitals put the burden of patient transport on clinicians. But that approach reduces how much time nurses spend at the bedside, leading to nursing burn-out, delays in discharges, and ultimately a loss in revenue.

HHS' Patient Flow program gives nurses more time at the bedside to focus on providing quality care. It also operates as a patient throughput solution that keeps the OR and diagnostic imaging running on schedule, reduces wait times, and maximizes revenue.

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How It Works

You get a centralized patient transport department equipped with BedWatch® Transport Control. This cloud-based request and dispatch management system uses crowdsourcing technology popularized by services like Uber.

Each transporter has a mobile device equipped with Transport Control which notifies them as soon as someone makes a transport request. So you get rapid response times and real-time visibility into each transporter’s performance.

Plus, we're able to monitor and track volume to adequately staff and optimize flow when your hospital's busiest.

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Whether you want to request a proposal or just have a question about our services, we’re ready to help in any way we can.

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