Patient Flow

Our centralized Patient Transportation model, combined with our cutting-edge technology, BedWatch®, supply you with the tools and information you need to:

  • identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the patient throughput process,
  • decrease patient wait times in the ED and throughout the facility,
  • increase employee accountability,
  • improve the overall efficiency of the Patient Transportation Program, and
  • increase patient satisfaction scores.

Patient Transportation

When your clinical or tech staff handles patient transports, you lose out on thousands of hours of valuable time each year—and pay a premium for transport services while doing so. A dedicated transport team allows you to keep your most valuable resources where they need to be: out on the floor.

We have built industry-leading training and development programs to ensure that all transporters we manage are fully equipped to provide exceptional care for your patients, from safety and ergonomics training to patient interaction and hospitality coaching.

It’s more than moving patients; it’s about minimizing the angst of an unpleasant experience.

Our HHS Valet Services program ensures that your patients and guests receive high quality, compassionate care from the moment they arrive at your hospital. All visitors feel welcome and cared from the moment they arrive by our professional, efficient valet parking services. Our carefully selected and highly trained individuals use the latest mobile technology to allow real-time communication and the ability to proactively manage all incoming and outgoing patients and guests, ensuring that each person receives the care, attention, and support they need. We will be able to track every parked vehicle, including its make and model. A picture of each vehicle is stored and time stamped to eliminate costly false claims of vehicle damage.


Our cloud-based mobile technology, combined with our Patient Transportation system, puts control over patient flow in the palm of your hand. With Bedwatch, you can:

  • Centralize data
  • Streamline the bed-board-management and patient throughput processes
  • Eliminate the need for dedicated dispatchers

Because BedWatch is accessible from any mobile device, users can access bed status information on-the-go, on- or off- site. With extensive reporting capabilities and administrative tools in hand, users can benchmark data effectively, and measure progress objectively, whether you’re interested in assessing the performance of a facility, a department, or a team member.

The BedWatch® Suite of Solutions includes:

BedWatch Bed Control, a cutting-edge bed management system that gives EVS and patient placement teams a real-time view of the status of every bed in the facility, and automatically notifies appropriate users of status changes, as they happen. As a result, EVS staff can turn over rooms more efficiently and placement staff can place patients in the right bed, right away.

BedWatch Transport Control utilizes the latest mobile technology and a crowd-sourcing approach to empower patient-transport team members to manage themselves proactively. At any moment, users can track all transportation requests in real time. They also can actively monitor the process, view information about delays, and act on that information to maximize operational efficiency.

BedWatch Admit Control integrates incoming patient information from multiple sources into Bed Control and Transport Control, creating a door-to-door, time- and date-stamped throughput management system.

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