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Improving patient throughput with operational efficiency

Patient flow utilizes our proprietary, patient throughput software to ensure patients are moved through your facility with greater ease. This means more open schedules, increased staff satisfaction, added time for procedures, reduced patient hold times, and a better patient experience, door-to-door. With a dedicated transport team, your clinicians no longer have to handle patient transports, which results in decreased expenditures for your facility.

Meeting your Goals with Patient Flow

With the use of our cost-effective, cutting-edge patient transport technology platform, we are able to analyze discharge times and patterns to provide greater accuracy to the patient flow process.

This is achieved by providing you with:

  • 100% mobile management capabilities for on-the-go, real-time transport requests
  • Streamlined processes that reduce emergency department hold times and clinical overtime
  • Optimized operations that reduce bottlenecks, left-without-being-seen, and left-without-treatment rates
  • Benchmark data to measure progress and improve efficiency
Valet Services

Our valet program ensures that your patients and guests receive high quality, compassionate care from the moment they arrive at your hospital, creating a great first impression. Our carefully selected and highly trained valet team uses the latest mobile technology to track every parked vehicle to eliminate delays and improve efficiency. Additionally, this technology application allows customers to request their vehicle via text and receive updates when it is ready and waiting. The team proactively manages all incoming and outgoing patients and guests for quick and efficient service.

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