Our standard of excellence and exceptional level of quality services in the healthcare industry have remained consistent for over 40 years and have effortlessly transitioned to adhere to hospitality industry standards for housekeeping and floor care, laundry management, and food and beverage management. Our meticulously engineered programs ensure that a pristine and inviting environment will greet every guest that enters your resort. We pride ourselves on the ability to tailor our systems to meet the needs and expectations of our partners and cultivate a first class experience that guests will dream of revisiting.

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Housekeeping & Floor Care Services

HHS Housekeeping & Floor Care Services include luxury cleaning, quality inspections, and hospitality programs to ensure an inviting and efficiently managed space for guests, visitors, and staff.

Your Challenges:

  • Inefficient standardization of cleaning systems creates inconsistent results and harms guest experience.
  • High team member turnover rates and lack of staffing resources causes difficulty finding labor during peak seasons.
  • Miscommunication between housekeeping and guest services impacts room turnovers for departure cleans causing delays.

Our Solution:

Our approach to housekeeping and floor care involves multi-tiered training programs and ongoing support to ensure a consistent standardization of the luxury cleaning process, resulting in a first-class guest experience. Our highly trained managers open the lines of communication with service teams by utilizing effective people-management techniques and industry-leading technology, ensuring timely status updates and streamlined processes. Our extensive experience and high standards for recruiting, hiring, and training highly qualified team members is paramount to removing staffing concerns for our partners.

Food and Beverage Management

We bring a new, higher standard to the resort restaurant experience by offering quality dining that attracts resort guests, tourists, and local patrons.

Your Challenges:

  • Mismanagement of the resort restaurant causes a negative experience and can deprive the resort of revenue opportunities.
  • Inconsistent management systems and disciplines leads to lowered guest satisfaction as well as unnecessarily wasted food.
  • Lack of meal options and monotony in menus pushes guests to explore dining options outside the resort.

Our Solution:

Our approach to food and beverage management is focused on creating interesting menus that cater to the local flair and attract tourists and outside patrons. Our comprehensive management programs streamline processes, drive revenue, and offer guests a fine dining experience. We offer upscale dining, poolside restaurant cuisine, room service, casual cafes, and grab-and-go stations to make it convenient for guests to indulge in delicious meals at their leisure throughout the day.

Laundry Management

HHS Laundry Management offers a customized approach to laundry and linen services that proactively monitors usage and ultimately helps resorts and timeshares reduce costs.

Your Challenges:

  • Without efficient management of linens, your laundry department becomes overburdened by linen overflow.
  • Added weight and linen reject credits means that time, money, and resources are wasted on reconciling your invoice overcharges.
  • High attrition rates affect the proper management of linen and cause interruption during a guest’s stay.
  • Overuse of linen produces increased water and energy consumption which impacts green initiatives.
  • Inefficiency in human processing systems means that costs per pound of laundry will continue to rise.

Our Solution:

Laundry and linen are valuable commodities, and our programs pinpoint cost saving opportunities and create a culture of sustained linen awareness across all departments. We provide the manpower to manage laundry contracts for your resort or timeshare. Our technology allows us to accurately predict and account for the amount of linen needed during peak season and months in between, saving you money and improving efficiency. Our laundry management not only lowers expenses, but reduces your facility’s environmental impact by helping conserve water and energy, minimizing your overall carbon footprint.

At HHS, we bring all the components into harmony.


HHS – Moving Forward. Together.

Creating an inviting and pleasant resort experience goes well beyond the atmosphere – even the most reputable resort relies on a strong foundation for its support.  At HHS, we bring all the components of support service into harmony.  We work from the ground up, from ensuring your resort is consistently clean, to establishing seamless communication between departments, to making sure each guest’s experience is as relaxing as possible, and every detail in between.  We know the importance of your time and resources, and we value them as much as you do.