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Dining Services for Senior Living Communities

Give your residents a chef-driven dining experience that's uniquely designed for your community and uses fresh, quality ingredients.

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A Non-Cookie-Cutter Approach to Dining Services

Rather than implementing a standard, corporatized program, we learn what makes your senior living community and your residents unique, and then we design a program that fits you and you alone.

Our dining services come with the ability to build completely customized concepts and brands that are just for your community.

We also give our chefs the freedom to order whatever they need to customize their menus and serve your residents according to their preferences.

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Eat Well. Live Well.

Life is more enjoyable when eating great food. That’s why trained, executive chefs run our programs — so you and your residents get a five-star dining experience that enhances health and wellness, improves quality of life, and attracts new residents to your community.

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Meet the Needs of Every Resident

Our puree, memory care, and dignified dining programs create an exceptional dining experience for your entire community. Our chefs and culinary teams receive regular training on these programs to ensure every detail — from flavor profile to presentation — meets the needs of each resident.

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Whether you want to request a proposal or just have a question about our services, we’re ready to help in any way we can.

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