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David Kraeger

President, Patient Flow and Linen


With over 30 years of healthcare experience, David Kraeger has an in-depth understanding of how support services impact patient throughput. As the President of Patient Flow and Linen Utilization, Kraeger creates opportunities to directly impact facility revenue and expenses by utilizing cloud technology. In addition, he gives facilities the ability to increase their efficiency by transforming weak areas in system processes. Through improved reporting, notifications, and labor management, Kraeger has streamlined patient flow with his industry-leading solution, SureTurn, and has increased bed availability for HHS partners. These improvements have driven reductions in “Left Without Being Seen” rates, emergency department hold hours, and clinician overtime while increasing the number of OR cases, radiology procedures, and new admission patients without increasing a facility’s current spending for clinical labor. Patient and clinical staff satisfaction has also improved, which aligns with HHS’ key focus on creating a better financial picture for our partners.