Case Study: Avidbots and HHS Deploy Floor Scrubbing Robots

In 2019, HHS partnered with Avidbots to deploy “smart” floor scrubbing robots at select number of our healthcare partner locations. Recently, Avidbots did a case study on the partnership and how it is helping HHS increase patient satisfaction while also helping to find more efficient ways to utilize our environmental services teams.

From the case study:

Bobby Floyd and his team at HHS demonstrated the sort of leadership and creative thinking that sets companies apart from their competitors. HHS had a specific business challenge that forced them to examine new processes and ways to run leaner – as Floyd put it, β€œto do more with less.” Working with Avidbots, they were able to use AI and advanced robotics to minimize costs, improve custodial effectiveness, and demonstrate an ROI that pays for the cost of a Neo very early in its operational life.

Read the full case study here.