HHS Community Impact Newsletter: A History of Service and Support

Since 1975, HHS has been committed to providing our hospital partners with the highest quality service and hospitality in the industry.

We have grown from our start in environmental services (EVS), or housekeeping, serving one hospital partner in Texas, to a company serving more than 400 partners and employing more than 13,000 team members nationwide.

HHS has a long and rich history of community service and providing support to our team members, customers and the communities in which we operate. HHS has achieved this level of service and support principally through our Care Fund, Scholarship Program, and the Loralee Foundation. Financial and operational support for these programs is provided by all levels of the organization, including team members, board members and owners.

We are excited to share information about these initiatives, and we look forward to providing you with regular updates regarding our charitable activities going forward.

Download a PDF of our inaugural HHS Community Impact Newsletter here.