HHS Vice President Provides Insight into Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices in the Healthcare Industry


Lucas Migneault, HHS Vice President of Operations, Coastal Group

In the September issue of the American Cleaning and Hygiene Magazine, three professionals provided insight about their efforts to use and apply eco-friendly products and practices within their respective industries. HHS Vice President of Operations, Lucas Migneault, shares the healthcare industry’s approach to training, awareness of eco-friendly products, cost expenditures, and challenges as it relates to adopting green cleaning practices and protocols in hospitals.  

From the article, How Green is the Cleaning Industry?:

Our first priority in the healthcare industry is to keep the patients and the guests we serve safe. Not all green products are strong enough to handle the proper disinfection and sterilization that is needed to reduce the spread of HAIs. As environmental service providers, we must be strategic in our cleaning practices and ensure that, first and foremost, we are providing a sterile, hygienically clean, and safe environment for our patients.

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