Partner with HHS

Successfully identifying and serving our customers’ needs

At HHS we are committed to serving you and your needs effectively and efficiently. Across all the industries we serve—from aviation to government, healthcare, senior living, and resorts—our innovative programs are built to ensure a successful partnership from day one. We hope to have the opportunity to show you the difference partnering with HHS can make.

We have high regard for you, your people, and your values as an organization.

As your partner, we will work with you to ensure an easy transition and a strong foundation that will allow us to move forward together.

Right Fit for the Team

“HHS is committed to hiring the right fit for the team, which I believe is a true testament to the success of the program.”

Assistant CEO, Florida
Increased Retention & Satisfaction

“Staff retention has been maintained and employee job satisfaction has increased.”

CEO, Florida
Ability to Adapt

“Throughout our partnership with HHS, the staff has consistently demonstrated professionalism, industry knowledge, and the ability to adapt and grow with us.”

CEO, Louisiana
Elevated Culinary Experience

“Our local HHS team has elevated the overall culinary experience with innovative menus, local and seasonal ingredients, and outstanding hospitality.”

CEO, Texas
Invaluable Part of Our Family

“The level of care HHS puts into everything they do has made them an invaluable part of our family.”

CEO, West Virginia
Raised Patient Satisfaction

“HHS has demonstrated the ability to raise patient satisfaction levels substantially and improve the overall presentation of the hospital.”

CEO of a 156-bed facility in South Carolina
Great Chef’s Table!

“The Chef’s Table has been a great addition to our hospital and has become a favorite of both staff and patients alike.”

CFO of a 254-bed facility in Alaska
Quality Every Day

“The quality of work performed for the Joint Commission survey will be no different than any other day because they treat every day as survey day.”

Nurse at 159-bed facility in Pennsylvania
Clean Environment

“HHS demonstrates a willingness to accommodate our needs to provide a clean and sanitary environment for our patients, visitors, and staff.”

COO of a 354-bed facility in Georgia
Discover the HHS Difference