Beyond Housekeeping: HHS’ Approach to Patient Satisfaction

Creating an environment of excellent patient care goes beyond providing exceptional services; it also involves developing a genuine human connection to make patients, residents, and guests feel comfortable during their stay or visit at a facility.  At HHS, we understand the significance of a patient-focused approach to our…more


7 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

By Bobby Floyd, COO   Many of us at HHS spend much of our careers traveling. While I enjoy the time I get to visit with my teammates and customers in our accounts around the country, staying healthy while traveling frequently is no easy task. In honor of…more


HHS Culinary Commits to Cage-Free Eggs and Sustainable Seafood in 2017

HHS Culinary has committed to purchasing only humanely raised, cage-free eggs and sustainable seafood for all job sites in 2017. As part of a larger company-wide commitment to animal welfare and responsible stewardship, HHS is proud to push forward with plans to ensure all animal products purchased for…more


HHS: A Look Ahead at 2017

By Bobby Floyd, COO   For HHS, 2016 was a banner year. I’m very proud of our teams and our leadership who responded to a challenging 2015 in a positive way. In the previous year (2015), we were faced with a lot of adversity – a lot of…more


Giving Back to Team Members through the HHS Care Fund

By Jenny Floyd Having grown up in the HHS family, I’ve seen the company go through tremendous growth and change over the years. From when HHS began in 1975, with just one service line at one hospital in Texas, to where we are now, with five service lines…more