Building a Strong Cornerstone of Company Culture

By Joe Terry, HHS CEO As individuals in the workforce, we typically spend more hours of the day with our colleagues than we do with our own families. Because our lives are very much intertwined with our careers, it’s important to be in a job that you enjoy…more


Importance of Practicing Gratitude as a Business Leader

As the holiday season quickly approaches, you’re likely to begin seeing and hearing messages of thankfulness and gratitude on TV, radio, social media, and throughout emails and company messages. After a while it can start to feel cliché and may even become like white noise. But be sure…more


Patient Transport — A Small Department Making a Big Impact

Every year hospitals lose out on thousands of hours of valuable clinical time because clinicians are having to focus their attention away from their core competencies — so, what is the culprit? Most of the evidence collected points back to the lack of a dedicated transport department. Healthcare…more


When Disaster Strikes, Will Your Facility Be Prepared?

The 2017 hurricane season has wreaked havoc across the Atlantic Ocean with a total of 13 named storms, five in which were ranked as a Category 3 or higher, and four that have made direct landfall on U.S. soil and, unfortunately, the season isn’t over yet. The destruction…more


The Healthcare Problem That Needs Our Attention

A regular patient stay in the hospital can include countless healthcare professionals moving in and out of the patient’s room – from nurses and physicians to housekeepers and transporters. The involvement of such a large staff can pose a challenge for any healthcare team trying to create a…more


Adapting to the Changing Senior Living Design

Senior living communities are moving into a continuum of care focus, where they have amenities to suit every phase of the aging process – from independent and assisted living to skilled care – called continuing care retirement communities, or CCRC.  Each unique residential environment requires different levels of…more


How Healthcare Foodservice Programs are Becoming a Community Asset

The preconceived notion that healthcare foodservice offers only bland and monotonous dining options has plagued the industry for decades, but in recent years as more healthcare systems have opted to contract out their culinary services, there has been a major shift in the overall quality of hospital food…more


How Contracting Benefits Hospitals

By Bobby Floyd, COO  Over the recent years, contracting has become an increasingly popular trend as the healthcare industry pushes to improve the quality of patient care and alleviate costs and expenditures.  It’s important to know why hospitals are going this route, and some of the advantages contracting…more


work-life balance

The Secret to Finding Work-Life Balance

Working in the rigorous 24/7 healthcare environment is no simple task.  Many team members in this field wear multiple hats during their normal day-to-day operations – they are leaders, counselors, troubleshooters, mediators, and so much more.  Effectively encompassing all these roles can often cause a detriment to mental…more