How Contracting Benefits Hospitals

By Bobby Floyd, COO  Over the recent years, contracting has become an increasingly popular trend as the healthcare industry pushes to improve the quality of patient care and alleviate costs and expenditures.  It’s important to know why hospitals are going this route, and some of the advantages contracting…more


work-life balance

The Secret to Finding Work-Life Balance

Working in the rigorous 24/7 healthcare environment is no simple task.  Many team members in this field wear multiple hats during their normal day-to-day operations – they are leaders, counselors, troubleshooters, mediators, and so much more.  Effectively encompassing all these roles can often cause a detriment to mental…more


Boost Your Culinary Savviness with 10 Simple Tips

No matter your level of expertise in the kitchen, there are always opportunities for you to further your knowledge of the culinary arts and to learn tips to simplify your cooking processes.  In honor of Culinarians Day, we spoke with two of HHS’ executive chefs, Frank Boerdner and…more


Expanding the View of Workplace Safety

In healthcare, physical safety is crucial to the well-being of every single person that enters the doors of a facility. Strict protocols and procedures must be adhered to on a daily basis and team members need to be cognizant of workplace safety rules to help prevent injuries and…more



Benefits of Removing Pagers from Healthcare

Towards the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, pagers took the world by storm.  By using a simple character and numeric messaging system, this wireless technology served as a method to better connect individuals. As technology continued to advance, pagers were soon on the brink of extinction because…more


Team Meeting

Initiatives to Help Build a Positive Work Culture

As businesses progress and grow, regardless of industry, they are all faced with the crucial task of creating and maintaining a positive and high-performing work culture.  The development of a consistently positive team atmosphere is no easy feat and takes diligent effort on behalf of everyone involved.  The…more


elderly patient care

Beyond Housekeeping: HHS’ Approach to Patient Satisfaction

Creating an environment of excellent patient care goes beyond providing exceptional services; it also involves developing a genuine human connection to make patients, residents, and guests feel comfortable during their stay or visit at a facility.  At HHS, we understand the significance of a patient-focused approach to our…more