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April 12, 2017

Beyond Housekeeping: HHS’ Approach to Patient Satisfaction

Creating an environment of excellent patient care goes beyond providing exceptional services; it also involves developing a genuine human connection to make patients, residents, and guests feel comfortable during their stay or visit at a facility.  At HHS, we understand the significance of a patient-focused approach to our services; that’s why we pride ourselves in hiring team members who not only excel at their job, but also exhibit unparalleled customer service skills.  

We spoke with two of HHS’ Environmental Services (EVS) directors, Donny Mitchell (team member since 2014 in Florida) and Jeremy Mosley (team member since 2012 in Georgia), both of whom have received awards for excellence in patient experience, to better understand the importance of a patient-centered approach to EVS.

“The first and most important thing we can do as directors is to make sure we hire the right people for the right position,” states Mosley.

“It’s key to have team members who feel comfortable interacting with patients. When a team member enters a room, it’s an opportunity to connect with the patient and ask them how they are doing. This genuine interaction helps bring a smile to the patient’s face and that’s what people remember.”

Mitchell adds, “being in the hospital is routine for us, but it is not routine for the patient. Our job is far more than just providing an efficiently run clean and safe environment, it is also about making the patient feel comfortable during a vulnerable time. That’s why it is imperative to have team members who aren’t just going through the motions of their tasks, but instead are bringing an engaging, sincere, and empathetic approach to their work.”

To ensure high-quality customer service practices, HHS’ EVS leadership has incorporated trainings for new hires and team members.

“Our frontline team members are the foundation HHS is built on and their communication with patients exemplifies the mission and values of our company. That is why we strive to make sure our services assist in creating a pleasant experience for patients and uphold the standards of our partner facility,” remarks Mosley.

“We have worked hard to develop an empathic culture within the EVS department by providing trainings centered on improving communication and social skills. Since implementing these trainings at my facility, we have seen our HCAHPS [patient satisfaction scores] move from the low 60s to high 70s, and we have maintained that score for the past 20 months,” says Mitchell.

“At the end of the day, it’s important to take into account that the reason why our services are needed and the reason why we have jobs is because of one thing -- the patient.”

The basic requirements of an EVS provider are to supply a clean and safe environment, but by going above and beyond to create an authentic connection with patients, visitors, and staff is what creates a high level of patient satisfaction. As we continue to progress and grow as a company, our priority remains the same -- providing patient-centered and performance-driven services that are designed to cultivate an atmosphere that enhances the patient experience.

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