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February 28, 2018

Professional Housekeeping for an Improved Guest Experience

The cold, hard truth is that housekeeping is normally an afterthought in the resort and hospitality industry. Leadership tends to focus more on revenue-driving factors such as sales generation and less on support service needs such as housekeeping. But when companies continually chase top-line growth, they often neglect operational expenses and product quality. Consequently, a lack of operational oversight is a common source of negative reviews, as many complaints stem from misrepresentation of accommodations, poor experiences with staff members, and substandard cleanliness. Excellent housekeeping is the cornerstone of a successful hospitality operation. To ensure their business is built on a solid foundation, resort managers should strive to create an equal balance between revenue and operational focus. One of the best ways to do this is by recruiting an exemplary support service partner.

There is direct correlation between effective support service partnerships and improved guest satisfaction, increased bookings, and enhanced resort atmosphere. Here are just a few key factors that make these partnerships successful.

Removing operational burdens allows resort managers to focus on guest satisfaction

Extensive administrative tasks and operational details can overwhelm resort management staff and negatively impact guest satisfaction as attention to detail can often be lost in the shuffle. Resort managers spend around 40-60% of their time dealing with these tasks and issues, but the integration of a support service partnership can liberate the management team from spending valuable time on operational components. Additionally, support service providers can alleviate recruiting and training woes by implementing programs that ensure quality outcomes are achieved, and that the right people are being hired for the job. In turn, this allows for the resort management team to focus greater attention on guest satisfaction improvements.

Developing standard protocols and operational oversight creates more streamlined housekeeping processes

By leveraging mobile, cloud-based technology, support service providers can offer customizable housekeeping solutions that manage operational expectations and tasks that result in quality outcomes. This technology allows for instantaneous feedback on room status, keeping the resort manager alert to any impending delays and aware of the availability of units for early arrivals. In addition, as housekeeping protocols become more streamlined, resort managers might notice that cleans become more consistent and higher-caliber—from guest rooms to common areas.

Open communication allows issues to be addressed and resolved in a timelier manner

The key to bridging the gap between departments is in communicating well. Many customer issues can be easily addressed and even avoided by implementing technology platforms, strong leadership teams, and a highly trained frontline staff. Bringing in support service teams that have these attributes can connect any missing pieces, helping to guarantee interdepartmental collaboration and problem-solving. The mobile technology platforms provide the ability to alert independent departments to maintenance problems, housekeeping notes, and guest service requests, all by the touch of a finger. Embedded notification chains provide each department with automatic request statuses so that each team member can rest easy knowing that the requested service has been completed.

As the resort and hospitality industry continually pushes to grow revenue, it’s important not to let operations and quality go by the wayside. Partnering with a support service provider can help create an equal balance between leadership’s focus on financial growth and attention to operational quality, while helping drive positive satisfaction ratings and increased sales.

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