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March 5, 2024

What Are Medama Floor Care Systems?

Clean floors make a strong first impression in healthcare, setting the tone for a clean and welcoming environment.

If not maintained properly, floors can quickly fall into disrepair. And beyond mere aesthetics, floors dramatically impact infection control. Yet the round-the-clock nature of most healthcare facilities makes scheduling proper maintenance difficult — stripping floors overnight is no longer a failsafe option.

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Medama answers healthcare facilities’ floor care challenges through innovation and customer-centric solutions.

What Is Medama?

Medama’s floor care systems are designed specifically for healthcare environments, meticulously crafting products and processes to complement infection prevention, enhance the appearance of your floors, and minimize the disruption to hospital workflows.

Medama IronCoat

Designed for vinyl composition tile (VCT) and terrazzo floors, this product significantly reduces the frequency of buffing, stripping, and waxing.

floor4-1At a hospital in Houston, TX, HHS was buffering floors three times a week in the main areas. After applying Medama IronCoat, we now only buff once a month, saving labor resources and reducing the amount of noise and interruption in the hospital.

Medama Restroom Restoration System

This all-encompassing floor care system was explicitly designed for restroom floors:

  • Reduces unwanted odors

  • Resistant to damage from common chemicals

  • Provides cost savings on retile and regrout

  • Low maintenance









Medama HAI Prevention Program

This groundbreaking technology is effective against C. diff and C. auris on all non-porous surfaces, eliminating the need for multiple disinfectants, and is listed by the EPA as a Tier-3 disinfectant against emergent viral pathogens.


The Medama HOCl Generator allows you to produce more disinfectant on-site, eliminating supply-chain issues. The program includes a robust continuous training program with a certified epidemiologist to ensure proper utilization.

The Benefits of Partnering with Medama

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Medama is able to provide these innovative solutions because it leverages its small size. Alex Guttman, Medama’s founder, works personally with facilities to overcome challenges, “Give me your problems, give me your headaches, and let me come up with solutions.”

Medama, which means imagination, seeks to revolutionize the approach to environmental services. By focusing on providing a service rather than just a product, Medama’s floor care systems consider how the products, processes, and training work together to solve customers’ problems.

HHS and Medama

Our job site engineering team measures, categorizes, and analyzes all areas in your hospital and then engineers a unique floor care program for your facility. This approach, combined with many Medama materials, ensures the most efficient use of labor and materials to keep your floors looking new, mitigate HAIs, and protect your investment.

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