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Posts by Rachel Amos

5 min Healthcare Apr 16, 2024

UV-C in Hospitals: Best Practices and Misconceptions

UV-C light technology provides an excellent way to supplement your hospital’s... Read More
3 min Senior Living Apr 2, 2024

What Is Elevate Senior Living?

Up to 80% of today’s aging adults are struggling financially and potentially unable to... Read More
5 min Healthcare Mar 19, 2024

How Felecia Crawford Is Making Good Hospital Food a Reality

What if removing the stigma of hospital food was easier than you thought? For Felecia... Read More
4 min Healthcare Mar 5, 2024

What Are Medama Floor Care Systems?

Clean floors make a strong first impression in healthcare, setting the tone for a clean... Read More
4 min Healthcare Feb 20, 2024

How UV-C Technology Can Target Transmission Vectors

Treating healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in the United States costs between $28.4... Read More
4 min Healthcare Feb 6, 2024

What Is a Peppermint Robot? A Quick Guide [+ Benefits]

Healthcare facilities have struggled to integrate autonomous robots into their... Read More
4 min Jan 15, 2024

What Is a Micro Market? (And Why You Need One)

The demand for easy access to nutritious, high-quality food is increasing. But there's a... Read More
5 min Jan 2, 2024

3 Foodservice Trends You'll See in 2024

With so many foodservice trends emerging every year, it can be challenging to determine... Read More
5 min Dec 12, 2023

HHS CareFUND: Putting Team Members First

It’s the single dad desperate for more hours so he can pay for his child’s medical... Read More