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February 20, 2024

How UV-C Technology Can Target Transmission Vectors

Treating healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in the United States costs between $28.4 billion to $45 billion every year, as estimated by the National Institutes of Health.

Clinical research has shown that portable equipment is an underappreciated vector of transmissions in healthcare settings and other public environments. Clearly, current standard operating procedures are not adequately addressing the risk.

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UVconcepts offers the only solution created specifically for portable equipment. It harnesses the power of UV-C technology to inactivate microorganisms on the solid surfaces of portable equipment. UV-C wavelength radiation has a germicidal effect on pathogens, making them inactive or unable to replicate or reproduce.

How Does the UVconcepts Technology Suite Work?

UVconcepts’ Technology Suite is comprised of four parts.

UVconcept Technology Infographics_Graphic 01 (1)


Unit where the inactivation process takes place. Roughly 4’ x 7’ x 5’, the interior is completely lined with UV-C lamps that shine on every part of the portable equipment.


Assigned to trained users to operate the UVenclosure, ensuring accountability and oversight.


Attached to the portable equipment, updating the UVdatacloud after each successful UVenclosure cycle.


Cloud-based platform that oversees, manages, and analyzes data provided by the other three components.

The Inactivation Cycle

Operating the suite is simple:


  1. The operator swipes their UVbadge to automatically open the UVenclosure and puts the equipment inside, swiping their badge again to close the door and start the cycle.

  2. Once the cycle is complete, the operator removes the equipment, ready to be used again safely.

a) The UVdatacloud logs the successful cycle using the UVetag on the equipment. The UVbadge used to start the cycle is also recorded to elevate accountability.

The Benefits of UVconcepts’ Solution

UVconcept Technology Infographics_Graphic 02 (1)

Fast and Effective

The unit achieves >99.9999% inactivation of microorganisms in 60 seconds. When used as the last step in portable equipment cleaning, you, your patients, guests, and staff can rest assured the equipment is safe.

Ease of Implementation

The simplicity of the process means that training staff takes only minutes rather than hours or days. The process can then be immediately assigned and implemented into your environmental services workflow.


UVconcepts is passionate about providing a solution to portable equipment cleaning to all hospitals and healthcare facilities, working with any prospective customer to create a solution that works for them and their budget.

Customer Service

UVcare is an all-inclusive program that provides replacement lamps, preventative maintenance, parts and labor, and software updates as they become available.

UVconcepts and HHS

HHS has partnered with UVconcepts because we see this innovative approach to UV-C technology as the simplest and most effective way to ensure portable equipment meets our standards of cleanliness for our customers’ patients, guests, and staff.

We’re utilizing the UVconcepts technology suite in one of our healthcare facilities and have received excellent feedback. We’re looking to implement the technology suite in more healthcare facilities this year, as well as other industries, seeing the value in inactivating pathogens on shared, high-touch equipment in any industry.

Learn about TESS, HHS' suite of technology tools designed to empower facility support services.

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